Vertical Micro USB2 Connectors – SMT & Thru hole for .062″ PCB thickness


Customers asked us two questions; 1: Why do your vertical microUSB connectors have short shell stakes, they are not suitable for .062″ printed circuit boards?  2: Why not offer a version suitable for pick and place?

GCT responded by expanding its industry leading range of vertical Micro connectors with the launch of two new B type products.

An SMT type with cap allows fully automatic pick and place and a thru hole version with extended leads for use with .062″/1.6mm thick printed circuit boards.

  • USB3140- SMT which offers automatic pick and place by the use of an removable plastic cap.  Two shell stake length options provide solutions for .039″/1.00mm &  .062″/1.6mm thick PCBs.
  • USB3145 – Thru hole with shell stakes suitable for .062″/1.6mm thick PCBs.

Both parts offer  – 30µ” gold plating allowing 10,000 mating cycles, metal stakes for extra PCB strength.  Both parts also have an optional mating entry face, for customers who seek to use their own moulding to guide the USB cable assembly into place.

Vertical USB connectors are in stock at your local office for same day sampling.  To speed up your design download 2D drawings, 3D models and specifications from

Call today, or visit to see why GCT should be your supplier of choice for vertical USB connectors.

Looking for an A/B Micro vertical connector with longer leads?  Contact GCT please, this option is currently under review (edit as of 18th Nov 2013 it’s USB3106).