USB3 Bottom mount connectors


For volume applications GCT offer a variety of bottom mount USB3.0 connectors in mid mount format.   Mid mount connectors are perfect for low profile consumer electronics applications, where height above and below the PCB are critical.

GCT offer a huge range of mid mounting USB3 connectors with options for mounting on the top or bottom of the PCB, the image above shows mid-bottom mount options, sometimes called ‘sink’ types. Standard full size USB connector mounting is on top side of the printed circuit board, working with customers we’ve engineered a range of innovative solutions to allow mounting on the bottom of the PCB.  The GCT range allows the insulator to be in a perfect position to allow normal cable mating with the USB symbol facing upwards.

USB1110  (Left) sits flush with the bottom of PCB. Overall face height 5.7mm.

USB1115  (Right) allows an ultraslim 5.4mm body height with cutaway face perfect for angled panel and small PCB real estate.

Whatever your space constraints we can offer an USB3 connector solution! Please Contact your local GCT office for design advice.