Vertical Micro USB Connectors – Long leads for thicker PCB’s!


In response to customer demand GCT are delighted to release Micro USB connectors with 2.3mm leads suitable for 1.6mm PCB thickness.  GCT’s range of vertical micro USB connectors now stretches to six products, including SMT and thru hole types.

Customers loved the original thru hole connectors – USB3105/3130, however some customers using thicker PCB’s found the original 1.5mm shell stake/lead length wasn’t suitable for 1.6mm (.062″) thick printed circuit boards.  USB3106 B type & USB3131 A/B offer 2.3mm leads perfect for thicker PCB’s.

USB3106 & 3131 are in stock in your local GCT office for next day sampling.  Future and Newark Electronics have stock in place today.

contact GCT if you require design assistance.

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