GCT Parts Featured on the Ben Heck Show

Recently we sent one of our GCT sample boxes over to Ben Heck of the Ben Heck Show.GCT parts featured on the Ben Heck show - here's the sample boxBen is known for creating all sorts of interesting and unique electrical engineering products, and in this show he set about designing and building a point and shoot digital camera using the Raspberry Pi as a base.

Part-way through the project he dove into our box of treats and picked out a Micro SD connector – MEM2061 to be exact – Its push-push mechanism was perfect for the task in hand.

You can watch the video in its entirety by clicking here

The Ben heck Show is sponsored by Element 14, who stock plenty of GCT parts for quick and easy distribution.

Vertical Micro USB Receptacle – SMT short stakes

vertical Micro USB receptacle SMT with short shell stakes USB3140

A high volume customer using USB3140 requested shorter leads of GCT’s vertical Micro USB receptacle.  This connector has SMT leads with two thru hole shell stakes and a plastic supporting base for stability.

The customers are using a 1.00mm (.039″) thick printed circuit board with a paste in hole process, the existing shell stakes were protruding beneath the PCB, which was not acceptable to the customer.  The shell stake length options were 1.70mm and 2.30mm.

The change was handled by commission special tooling, we amended the shell tool and achieved a solution for the customer by using 0.7mm long shell stakes.  This was a perfect solution for the customer.

If you are a volume user (100K+ annually) and a GCT vertical micro USB receptacle requires a tweak to fit your design, contact GCT to discuss a custom solution.

See GCT’s industry leading range of Micro USB vertical receptacles and plugs. 

Expanded range of cable assembly photos online

Cable assembly - Overmolded Cable with integrated PCB Cable assembly - Custom_Overmolded_Extended_socket Cable assembly - Custom-overmolded_12pin_socket_assemblyAs part of the launch of our dedicated cable assembly division we’ve created new webpages with hundreds of high resolution photographs of cables that we’re producing for customers, see the examples above.

The pages covers overmoulded, crimp and IDC harnesses.

One particular area of specialty is solving customers design problems with overmolded cables.  You’ll see numerous examples of cable assemblies in production today.

Check out our new custom cable assemblies webpages.

SIM connector Push-Push with tiny 1.6mm profile

Push-Push SIM Connector

Global Connector Technology (GCT) are delighted to announce the release of SIM4065, a low profile SIM connector push-push suitable for 2FF mini, SIM cards.

Available in 8 contacts with a 1.60mm profile above the PCB, SIM4065 includes a SIM card detection switch in normally closed position, this allows electronic monitoring of card position.

Push-Push SIM card insertion and ejection functionality is often used in applications where the SIM card is accessed from outside of the equipment via a panel cutout.  For example in a smart energy metering hub, would alllow the consumer or service engineer to remove and replace the SIM card.

SIM4065 is rated for 5,000 SIM card mating cycles, making it suitable for heavy use applications where a long lie cycle is required.

Download PDF drawings, view and download 3D models and technical documentation at www.gct.co  

SIM4065 is stocked at our distributors Premier Farnell and Future Electronics, so you can pick it off the shelf quickly.  Follow the ‘distribution stock’ links on the GCT website to check stock in your territory.

GCT offer a wide range of SIM connectors, including Nano and Micro SIM variations, click here to see the whole range.   Micro SIM is also available in Push-Push type, click here to see SIM7150.

Need help specifying board to board stacking connectors?

GCT can help! For the uninitiated PCB stacking applications use male and female connectors to make an electrical connection and achieve physical PCB spacing.

GCT offer 157 different board to board connector ranges! It can be difficult to select the right part, there are so many connector choices, and when you’ve selected the appropriate connector there are multiple dimensions and many other options to choose.

Whatever parallel PCB stacking dilemmas you face, GCT’s connector experts will help you. In addition to standard headers and sockets there are also a huge range of stacking headers and sockets, with flexible choices in spacing stacking heights and lead lengths to suit customer designs.

Board to board stacking connectors

The stacking connector range spans pitches from 1.00 mm (.039″) to 2.54 mm  (.1″) in surface mount and thru hole, with single, dual and triple rows.   GCT’s board to board stacking connector range offer total flexibility, with adjustable dimensions on mating pins, PCB thru pins and critically the ‘gap’ between PCB’s dimension.  All dimensions are specifiable to 0.01 mm, to ensure exact board spacing requirement is achieved.

As well as standard ‘open’ pin header with exposed pins, there are options for shrouded stacking headers.  Headers are keyed and mating with the socket is possible in one orientation only, in connector terms this is known as polarisation.  Shrouded connectors also offer increased physical strength when mated and insulated header pins reduce the chance of shorting.

Stacking shrouded sockets normally feature completely isolated contacts, which eliminates shorting risk.  They are available in a variety of stack height options, a slightly less flexible and more expensive choice than stacking headers but perfect for certain applications, especially where the header design is out of the customer’s control, such as in the case of an outsourced off the shelf module PCB with a standard pin header.

In addition GCT offer a wide range of non-standard board to board connector choices, such as a right angle elevated header which allows right angle PCB mating, custom SMT lead lengths, and custom packaging.

Whatever the requirement is contact GCT today. Our engineers will walk you through the range and find the perfect parts for your design.

Alternatively to speed up design go to www.GCT.co where you’ll find narrow your search and comparison functionality, here is the specific link for ‘elevated’ products: .  The website allows customers to order samples and download drawings, 3D models and product specifications.

Micro USB plug for vertical PCB mounting

Micro USB plug vertical

Micro USB plug vertical

Our new vertical Micro USB plug is perfect for docking applications. Often Micro USB male plugs are cable mounted and supplied as part of a cable assembly, however USB3150 is vertical PCB mounted, which allows it to be used in charging or docking applications.

There are very few competitors products on the market, the Hirose ZX80-B-5S and ZX80-B-5SA are most prevalent in the market place, whilst great products they have a huge plastic base, are relatively high profile and expensive.

For a docking applications customers asked us to develop a version that while strong has a much smaller footprint and lower profile height. We delivered the USB3150, a thru hole micro USB male with a 7.13mm (.28″) profile and 7.35 x 2.80mm (.289″ x .110″) footprint. The mating contacts are 30µ” gold plated and has been tested to industry standards, including 10,000 mating cycle.  Strength is achieved with six metal shell stakes, aided by two large plastic locating pegs.

There are two versions of USB3150 with different stake and lead lengths. This allows customers to most closely match the PCB thickness they are using: 0.75mm (.029″) and 1.30mm (.051″) stakes and leads.

Go to GCT’s website to browse Micro USB plug product drawings, product specification and 3d models, including downloadable models in IGES, Step and Parasolid and an online 3d model viewer.

GCT also have the widest range in the market of Micro USB female receptacles in horizontal and vertical orientation.

Edited 15th Sep 2015 – USB3150 is now in stock at Future Electronics and Newark.