DC Power Jack – New Range

DC Power Jack - Thru hole and SMT

See details of a new range of GCT jacks.

Have a plug but can’t find a jack?  GCT make it easy to find the perfect DC power jack for your application. Our online parametric search allows you to search by the plug inner (ID) and outer (OD) dimensions, no need to spend valuable minutes poring over catalogues and datasheets.  You can also search by lots of other attributes including current rating, and switch type!

The range consists of thru hole and surface mount parts, including high power versions in both straight and right angle orientation.  Jack pin sizes of 0.65mm, 2.00mm, 2.35mm & 2.50mm diameter are available,  spanning current ratings from 1.5A to 9A.

GCT also offer 3d models in IGES, Step and Parasolid formats, an online 3d viewer, downloadable PDF drawing and full product specifications.  While putting this range together we noticed that many of our competitors don’t offer these facilities.  Our aim is to share as much information with customers as possible and make it easy for them to design in GCT parts.

The product drawings also contain details of the mating plugs, see example: Mating DC plug

Samples are available from your local GCT office in first week January 2016. This range will be introduced to our distribution partners, including Newark and Farnell in early Jan 2016.

Molded cable assemblies – New photos

We’ve added more photos of molded cable assemblies to the GCT website – cable assembly pages today.

These photos are examples of real cables running in our production, we have facilities in the UK and China, both ISO approved. We also offer UL approvals where required.

We work with customer to help solve their design problems, molded cable assemblies are a great way of offering design solutions.   Each one is a bespoke design for the customer, with a small tooling charge.  Minimums are relatively small, customers are often surprised to learn they can choose a custom design for relatively modest volumes, you don’t need to purchase hundreds of thousands for GCT to help you.

The LED cable shown below fits into the customer’s assembly with the use of a slot.

Overmolded LED Assembly - from GCT molded cable assembly range

The Micro USB plug shown below, is unusual as it’s a right angle version, our customer uses this cable assembly in a docking application.  The very small molded body fits into the customers overall dock design, the other end of the cable is a standard 1.20mm pitch crimp housing, which connects to a header on the printed circuit board.

Micro USB plug right angle overmold - from GCT's molded cable assembly range

Speak to our molded cable assembly experts to find out how we can help you with your design problems.  Find your local contact at the GCT contact page.