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Stock of Raspberry Pi USB connector available at Newark

For Global Connector Technology’s (GCT) North American customers, we have stock of Raspberry Pi USB connector at our channel partner Newark.  This is the dual USB2.0 A type connector used on the Raspberry Pi.  Link to Newark website.

Dual USB Connector USB1035

This connector allows space saving as two USB A interfaces stack on top of each other.  It’s rated for use from -40°C to 85°C with a mating cycle rate of 1,500 cable insertions.

See more information on USB1035-GF-P-0-B-B on the GCT website.  Including drawing, product specification, 3D models & links to distribution stock.

SIM card dimension guide

SIM card dimensions and release dates

Here’s GCT guide to SIM card dimension and thicknesses.  We offer a large variety of SIM card connectors which accept the three main SIM card types.

Mini SIM, also known as 2ff or 2nd form factor was introduced in 1996 and has been the standard type for many years, there are a wide variety of connector products in the market, but with the emergence of Micro and Nano it’s now a mature product.

2003 saw the introduction of the Micro SIM card, also known as 3ff, or 3rd form factor. Micro SIM is the same thickness as Mini SIM at 0.76 mm, however it offers a much smaller overall package, the contact area remains exactly the same, but size is reduced by more than 50%.

Nano SIM was introduced in 2012 and is becoming more and more prevalent in the market. Nano SIM is also know as 4ff or 4th form factor.  It’s even smaller and thinner than Micro SIM, with a 108 mm footprint, vs. 180 mm for Micro. However it is very small and can be fiddly for end users to handle.  We see that Micro SIM has longevity in the market, as although smaller it is more easily handled by the end consumer.

Global Connector Technology offer connectors for every SIM card type, with a variety of different styles, such as push-pull, push-push and hinged.

Smart Card connector high cycles durability tested to 500,000 cycles

See video of Global Connector Technology SCC055 landed contact Smart Card connector being put through it’s paces in durability testing.  A ISO/IEC 7810 smart card is inserted 500,000 times.  For exacting applications, such as retail point of sale equipment this high cycle rate is essential.

SCC050 is a PCB mounted, horizontal push-pull smart card connector high cycles.  It has eight contacts and includes a card detection switch set as normally open.  The connector is shielded and contacts a sealed switch which is designed to withstand the very high card insertion and extraction rate.

Smart card connector high cycles

GCT offer a range of Smart Card connectors, including low cost versions with lower card cycle rates.  Learn more about GCT’s range of Smart card connectors at www.gct.co. You’ll find explanations of the different contact types friction and landed, card detection switching methods, reverse mount versions and much more.  Drawings, product specifications and 3d models are available for instant download.

New High Current vertical DC Jack – unique in market

high current vertical DC jack

Global Connector Technology (GCT) has released a new high current vertical DC power jacks with 2.50mm centre pin diameter suitable for 5.5mm OD plugs.   The high power parts are shielded and through hole.

High current vertical DC jack DCJ250-15 is unique in the market place in high power format.  In DC jack products horizontal is standard, mounted on the edge of a PCB and thru a panel cut out.   However, GCT’s customers were looking for alternative design configurations, we worked with them to develop a vertical type to solve their design problems.

Customers use high current products to allow fast battery charging in handheld or portable equipment.    This may be in a standalone application, or distributing power to a docking device where multiple handheld units are plugged in to charge.   The high current jacks are tested and rated at 7A in vertical orientation and 8A in horizontal, within a strict temperature rise of 30°C over ambient.   Full product specifications are available at the GCT website, something you may not find using a competitor product.

All of GCT’s DC power jacks are tested to 5,000 mating cycles and offer an operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C.

Find drawings, product specifications and 3D models for all parts at http://gct.co/dc-power-jacks/ .  Samples are available next day from GCT’s locations worldwide.

Micro USB plug vertical durability testing video

A look behind the scenes at GCT durability testing PCB mount micro usb plug vertical -USB3150  This USB connector is suitable for 10,000 mating cycles, you’ll see it being put through it’s paces at the Global Connector Technology test center.

In this video, the vertical USB plug is mating with a horizontal, PCB mounted, USB micro receptacle.  You can see that both PCB’s are held in a fixture for testing purposes.

The USB3150 has a tiny footprint (7.35mm x 2.80mm) and low profile height (7.13mm) above PCB.  Competition parts are bulky, taking up a large piece of PCB real estate and higher in profile.

Customers are using this connector in docking applications, normally to charge a handheld device, that’s why it’s important that the vertical plug is tested to ten thousand cycles, this is actually the standard for Micro USB2.0.  It’s important that the connector contacts are plating in 30µ” gold to achieve the high level of mating cycles, watch out for competitor products on the market with thinner levels of gold.  You might find a lower cost solutions, but will they perform in demanding applications?

Find out more about the USB3150 micro USB plug vertical here, you can download drawings and full product specification. Our 3D model viewer allows you to view the model online, without installing any special software, click to download 3D models.

Samples are available next day from your local GCT office and from our distributor partners Newark and Farnell.

If you need any help or advice on USB connectors and their applications please contact your local Global Connector Technology sales team.

DC Power Jack – New Range

DC Power Jack - Thru hole and SMT

See details of a new range of GCT jacks.

Have a plug but can’t find a jack?  GCT make it easy to find the perfect DC power jack for your application. Our online parametric search allows you to search by the plug inner (ID) and outer (OD) dimensions, no need to spend valuable minutes poring over catalogues and datasheets.  You can also search by lots of other attributes including current rating, and switch type!

The range consists of thru hole and surface mount parts, including high power versions in both straight and right angle orientation.  Jack pin sizes of 0.65mm, 2.00mm, 2.35mm & 2.50mm diameter are available,  spanning current ratings from 1.5A to 9A.

GCT also offer 3d models in IGES, Step and Parasolid formats, an online 3d viewer, downloadable PDF drawing and full product specifications.  While putting this range together we noticed that many of our competitors don’t offer these facilities.  Our aim is to share as much information with customers as possible and make it easy for them to design in GCT parts.

The product drawings also contain details of the mating plugs, see example: Mating DC plug

Samples are available from your local GCT office in first week January 2016. This range will be introduced to our distribution partners, including Newark and Farnell in early Jan 2016.

Molded cable assemblies – New photos

We’ve added more photos of molded cable assemblies to the GCT website – cable assembly pages today.

These photos are examples of real cables running in our production, we have facilities in the UK and China, both ISO approved. We also offer UL approvals where required.

We work with customer to help solve their design problems, molded cable assemblies are a great way of offering design solutions.   Each one is a bespoke design for the customer, with a small tooling charge.  Minimums are relatively small, customers are often surprised to learn they can choose a custom design for relatively modest volumes, you don’t need to purchase hundreds of thousands for GCT to help you.

The LED cable shown below fits into the customer’s assembly with the use of a slot.

Overmolded LED Assembly - from GCT molded cable assembly range

The Micro USB plug shown below, is unusual as it’s a right angle version, our customer uses this cable assembly in a docking application.  The very small molded body fits into the customers overall dock design, the other end of the cable is a standard 1.20mm pitch crimp housing, which connects to a header on the printed circuit board.

Micro USB plug right angle overmold - from GCT's molded cable assembly range

Speak to our molded cable assembly experts to find out how we can help you with your design problems.  Find your local contact at the GCT contact page.

New Range of Smart Card connectors

GCT launch a new range of Smart Card connectors in PCB mounted, push-pull format. The new range suits a variety of applications including point of sale, pay TV, set top box, identification and transportation.Smart Card Connectors

Product options include through hole or surface mount PCB termination.  Landed and friction contact options.  Shielded or un-shielded shell.

For Smart card connectors, choosing the correct type of contact is an key consideration. Contacts are either friction or landed styles, each has different characteristics in both cost and number of card insertions.

Friction contacts are fixed within the connector, when the card is inserted it wipes over the data contacts until they arrive at card pads.  Depending on the card surface, wiping traces can occur after a number of insertion cycles. This does not affect the card function, however Friction types are generally rated at 100,000 card insertion cycles. This type of contact is a more economical choice.

Landed contacts are a moveable contact set within the connector,  when the card is inserted into the connector, the landed contacts move to connect with the pads of the card. The contacts on the card’s surface are not scratched, which allows a higher number of card insertion cycles, typically 500,000 card insertion cycles.

Card detection is achieved by either a blade or sealed switch,click here to find more details, including product drawings, 3d models in IGES, Step and Parasolid formats, an online 3d viewer and full product specifications.

Samples are available from GCT offices today.

Edit 19th Jan 2016 – Distribution partners Premier Farnell (Newark,Farnell & Element 14) have stock incoming, due this week.

What’s your Connection with GCT? EDS 2015

What's your connection with GCT?Global Connector Technology are excited to participate in the Engineering Design Show 2015 to highlight its innovative range of connector and cable assembly products.  As first time exhibitors we’re aiming to introduce ourselves to potential customers to highlight our brand, people and products!  The show takes place at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 21-22nd October.

Visitors to stand H70 will learn how GCT products are a design choice for many leading OEM brands, spanning a wide variety of products, applications and markets.  The concept for the show is ‘ What’s your connection with GCT? ’, showing end users coming into contact with GCT products during a working day.

We’d be delighted to see you at the show, please come along to the stand to enter a competition for a chance to win exiting prizes which actually contain GCT connectors. Prizes include Bose Quiet Comfort 20 headphones, a Polar M400 sports watch and Trace cycling light front and rear sets from Exposure.

For further information and to register for your free entry pass click here

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About The Electronics Design Show
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