USB3.0 Slimline Mid-Reverse Connectors

GCT USB 3.0 Slimline Mid-Reverse mount

With the nature of electronic design ever changing to offer devices that are both smaller and slimmer it’s imperative that component manufacturers evolve connector technology in response. For this reason Global Connector Technology (GCT) has introduced a new range of USB3.0 mid reverse connectors that are ideal for inclusion in devices such as tablets, notepads and other hand held devices.

In low profile applications where height above and below the PCB is key, GCT offers mid bottom mount USB3.0 connectors. USB3.0 full size connectors are mounted as standard on the topside of the PCB. GCT’s innovative reverse connectors allow mounting on the bottom of the PCB, the connectors sits in a cut out on the printed circuit board thus minimising height. Receptacle insulators have perfect orientation to allow normal cable assembly plug mating with USB symbol facing upwards.

  • USB1115 with cutaway face is perfect for angled panels, with an ultraslim 5.4mm body height.
  • USB1110 is mounted below the PCB, while the bulk of the connector sits above the PCB. Both connectors are packed in tape and reel and are suitable for the demands of high temperature processes.

To speed up design downloadable drawings, 3D models and specifications are here. Parts are in stock in your local GCT office for next day sampling.

Call your local sales office today to discuss design requirements and see why GCT should be the supplier of choice for USB connectors.

Dual Stacking USB3.0 Connector

USB3.0 Dual A Connector

A low cost high quality USB3.0 dual stacking A type has been added to our extensive USB3.0 range, part number USB1100.

USB1100 is insert molded and automatically assembled for a high quality finish.

FYI we produce a USB2.0 dual stack version – USB1035

3d models, product drawings and specifications are available for download on both parts (click on the links above)

Samples of both parts are available next day from your local sales office.    Distributors Future Electronics and Newark/Element 14 have stock orders placed.

USB3 Bottom mount connectors


For volume applications GCT offer a variety of bottom mount USB3.0 connectors in mid mount format.   Mid mount connectors are perfect for low profile consumer electronics applications, where height above and below the PCB are critical.

GCT offer a huge range of mid mounting USB3 connectors with options for mounting on the top or bottom of the PCB, the image above shows mid-bottom mount options, sometimes called ‘sink’ types. Standard full size USB connector mounting is on top side of the printed circuit board, working with customers we’ve engineered a range of innovative solutions to allow mounting on the bottom of the PCB.  The GCT range allows the insulator to be in a perfect position to allow normal cable mating with the USB symbol facing upwards.

USB1110  (Left) sits flush with the bottom of PCB. Overall face height 5.7mm.

USB1115  (Right) allows an ultraslim 5.4mm body height with cutaway face perfect for angled panel and small PCB real estate.

Whatever your space constraints we can offer an USB3 connector solution! Please Contact your local GCT office for design advice.

New – Vertical USB3 Connectors – A and B Full size – Thru Hole

USB3 Vertical Connectors

GCT expands its range of USB3.0 connectors with the launch of full size, thru hole, straight A and B types.

Vertical USB3 connectors offer  – 30µ” gold plating allowing 5,000 mating cycles, high temperature plastic to allow paste in hole reflow process and metal stakes for PCB retention.

Available in stock at your local office from 23rd March 2013.  To speed up your design download 2D drawings, 3D models and specifications here:

Both parts are also stocked by Newark/Farnell/Element 14.

Contact your local sales office

USB3 Micro Connectors–Super Speed in Tiny Format

GCT are excited to offer a new range of USB3 Micro connectors in right angle PCB mount with A/B and B mating configurations, this complements GCT’s existing full size USB3.0 offering.

USB3 significantly increases date transmission speeds vs. USB2, allowing transmission of up to 4.8 Gbps, x10 faster than USB2, this step up allows seamless uncompressed transmission of high speed data, such as moving HD images.

USB3.0 allows for more power when required, Micro connectors have 10 contacts which allow an all signal option at 1.0A per pin, or a power/signal option with two pins rated at 1.8A and the remainder running at 0.5A, operating temperature is -30° to 85°C.

PCB sockets are backward compatible with Micro USB2, USB2 micro cables plug into USB3.0 micro receptacles using the ‘left hand’ cavity, note data transfer at lower USB2.0 rate.

GCT offers SMT micro versions in bottom mount (standard) with pure SMT or with thru hole stakes for strength.  30µ” gold plate is standard, allowing 10k mating cycles.  A/B types have a reverse Superspeed diff. pair pin assignment which allows On-The-Go option.

Go to:  for more info, drawings, 3d models, specs, etc