Custom mating PCB and Overmolded cable connector solution for Door Entry Security System

GCT's Custom connector and cable assembly for door entry security system

Technology for building automation continues to evolve and expand its reach across many control, monitoring and management functions.  Security/Access Control is one particular area where there has been continued growth in both commercial and consumer markets.

As the equipment itself becomes ever more sophisticated, GCT was approached by a leading manufacturer of door entry security systems to create a custom solution for one of its latest products.


The Challenge

The customer required a bespoke mating connector system but with several key design constraints.  For a start, there was a limited amount of space available for the connector solution as it had to fit inside a compact panel within the building’s cavity walls.  The solution itself required a secure connector locking mechanism to prevent from tampering in the field, along with sealed properties to make it dust and waterproof.  Due the nature of being handled within a tight space environment, a highly flexible cable was also imperative.


The Solution

Given the array of different requirements, the team at GCT innovatively developed the following items to provide a solution.  A custom 3×4 grid mating connector was designed to ensure fit within the space restrictions.  An overmolded cable connector soldered to the flexible cable was also designed constructed from two molds, an inner low pressure mold to hold solder joints in place and prevent blow through of the 2nd stage outer high pressure mold which also provided a perfect finish.

In addition, GCT designed a boxed PCB header with flexible latches which slots into the cable connector overmold to create a strong locking system.  By using two grades of nylon (66 and 9T) on the two separate insulator parts, this created the correct balance of strength and flexibility for the latches.  This also allowed the connector to be processed at a high temperature but retain flexibility for latching.

To meet the sealing requirements, the PCB header is totally enclosed to prevent any ingress from potting material.  By enveloping the entire header outer walls using an innovative design for the cable connector housing, GCT achieved complete ingress resistance tested to IP65 by the customer.

Completing the solution was the manufacture of a special 12 core cable to meet the customer’s cable flexibility needs.

This custom mating PCB and overmolded cable connector solution is one of many projects GCT has helped customers.  To find out more about GCT’s bespoke connector and cable capabilities and how we can help with your next project, please visit our cable assembly and custom board to board connector pages on


USB Cable Assembly – Hideaway with molded pivot

This USB cable assembly is designed with an overmolded & wired pivot to snap into the customers housing this innovative USB cable assembly allows the whole assembly to be hidden in a cavity until needed.

Our customer came to us with the design brief, ‘we need to design a USB cable that can be packed away until required’.   We worked with in tandem with the customer and developed a plastic molded pivot which allows the cable to be hidden in a cavity until required, pretty neat!

One end of the cable assembly is a USB2.0 A type plug, the other a 4 pin 1.25mm pitch wire to board connector.

Contact GCT to discuss your custom molded cable assembly requirements, the minimum volumes and tooling charges might surprise you!

To view GCT’s wide range of custom overmolded USB cable assembly click here

Custom USB cable assembly with molded pivotUSB Cable Assembly - Molded Pivot1.25mm pitch wire to board cableUSB cable assembly - Type A USB2.0 plug

Custom Overmolded Cable Assemblies – Trust Our Expertise

GCT Custom overmolded Cable Assemblies

Working with blue chip customers has developed GCT’s expertise in custom overmolded cable assemblies. GCT understand the complex nature of product development and have the skills and experience to help you design the perfect solution for your design, the starting point for considering a molded assembly is often a design challenge, GCT have helped many customers by working hand in hand on developing a custom solutions.

Overmolding provides an aesthetically pleasing and professional finish to your assemblies. In addition overmolding offers durability, improving the overall reliability of the cable assembly.

GCT also offer a range of standard connector overmolds, minor modifications such as strain reliefs, bushes, boots, grommets and PCB’s can be molded into your application for little cost.  Custom overmold tooling starts from as little as $500, making molded cables exception value.

If you seek a bespoke mating connector solution we can help, we’ve designed mating PCB connectors and overmolded cables for a variety of customers. For a flavor of our capability see our case studies.

All cables are fully tested and our production facilities are accredited to ISO9001:2008.  UL certification is available upon request.

Contact your local GCT office to discuss your requirements, we have expert staff to assist you in all locations, we support you wherever you design – wherever you manufacture.