SIM connector Push-Push with tiny 1.6mm profile

Push-Push SIM Connector

Global Connector Technology (GCT) are delighted to announce the release of SIM4065, a low profile SIM connector push-push suitable for 2FF mini, SIM cards.

Available in 8 contacts with a 1.60mm profile above the PCB, SIM4065 includes a SIM card detection switch in normally closed position, this allows electronic monitoring of card position.

Push-Push SIM card insertion and ejection functionality is often used in applications where the SIM card is accessed from outside of the equipment via a panel cutout.  For example in a smart energy metering hub, would alllow the consumer or service engineer to remove and replace the SIM card.

SIM4065 is rated for 5,000 SIM card mating cycles, making it suitable for heavy use applications where a long lie cycle is required.

Download PDF drawings, view and download 3D models and technical documentation at  

SIM4065 is stocked at our distributors Premier Farnell and Future Electronics, so you can pick it off the shelf quickly.  Follow the ‘distribution stock’ links on the GCT website to check stock in your territory.

GCT offer a wide range of SIM connectors, including Nano and Micro SIM variations, click here to see the whole range.   Micro SIM is also available in Push-Push type, click here to see SIM7150.