Smart Card connector high cycles durability tested to 500,000 cycles

See video of Global Connector Technology SCC055 landed contact Smart Card connector being put through it’s paces in durability testing.  A ISO/IEC 7810 smart card is inserted 500,000 times.  For exacting applications, such as retail point of sale equipment this high cycle rate is essential.

SCC050 is a PCB mounted, horizontal push-pull smart card connector high cycles.  It has eight contacts and includes a card detection switch set as normally open.  The connector is shielded and contacts a sealed switch which is designed to withstand the very high card insertion and extraction rate.

Smart card connector high cycles

GCT offer a range of Smart Card connectors, including low cost versions with lower card cycle rates.  Learn more about GCT’s range of Smart card connectors at You’ll find explanations of the different contact types friction and landed, card detection switching methods, reverse mount versions and much more.  Drawings, product specifications and 3d models are available for instant download.

New Range of Smart Card connectors

GCT launch a new range of Smart Card connectors in PCB mounted, push-pull format. The new range suits a variety of applications including point of sale, pay TV, set top box, identification and transportation.Smart Card Connectors

Product options include through hole or surface mount PCB termination.  Landed and friction contact options.  Shielded or un-shielded shell.

For Smart card connectors, choosing the correct type of contact is an key consideration. Contacts are either friction or landed styles, each has different characteristics in both cost and number of card insertions.

Friction contacts are fixed within the connector, when the card is inserted it wipes over the data contacts until they arrive at card pads.  Depending on the card surface, wiping traces can occur after a number of insertion cycles. This does not affect the card function, however Friction types are generally rated at 100,000 card insertion cycles. This type of contact is a more economical choice.

Landed contacts are a moveable contact set within the connector,  when the card is inserted into the connector, the landed contacts move to connect with the pads of the card. The contacts on the card’s surface are not scratched, which allows a higher number of card insertion cycles, typically 500,000 card insertion cycles.

Card detection is achieved by either a blade or sealed switch,click here to find more details, including product drawings, 3d models in IGES, Step and Parasolid formats, an online 3d viewer and full product specifications.

Samples are available from GCT offices today.

Edit 19th Jan 2016 – Distribution partners Premier Farnell (Newark,Farnell & Element 14) have stock incoming, due this week.